Monday, May 10, 2004

The Joads had nothing on us this past weekend. The annual collection of STUFF @ da Son's temporary residence and subsequent relocation to another venue took place. It was obvious that accumulation of objects had been going on. If not that then reproduction by non-living matter was certainly a successful experiment, as evidenced by the need to cart items back on the top of the car. No wonder he was battered by the early signs of claustrophobia. How had he fit all that stuff in his room? Luckily, we were able to dig out his roommate prior to our departure. We knew he was in the dorm room somewhere but, without the aid of loud snoring, it was difficult to locate him underneath the sedimentary layers of books, cd's, and clothes. Some items were actually trashed before our departure; otherwise the desperate act of paring the load would have ensued. I made a fatal mistake by not photographing the detritus; the ever-loving' wife did not believe that anything was chucked after seeing the Subaru arrive, laden with our son's "treasures". Inanimate though they are, the boxes of things had wrested our son's soul away from the intellectual search for the enlightened life.
If he saw it, he touched it.
If he touched it, he then bought it.
If he bought it, he then owned it.
If he owned it, we then carted it home.
It was apparent that the burden of ownership, no, make that the burden of possession, had overtaken him. As we drove east and passing cars' passengers pointed and made visual comments, shame was beginning to seep into his attitude.

But, that seepage was quickly contained. Thoughts of summer acquisitions started to trickle in. Soon, the trickle was a torrent. An injunction, if not an inventory intervention ,will be necessary. If not, we'll soon be looking at buying tractor & trailer rig. Maybe with a sleeper cab, to cut down on dorm room fees.

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