Friday, April 23, 2004

Pat Tillman has been killed in action in Afghanistan today. He had given up a lucrative NFL contract with Arizona and volunteered to serve, with his brother, as an elite US Army Ranger. This was one interesting guy. Graduated from AZ State in 3 1/2 years with a 3.84 GPA. Was a top-notch saftey in the NFL. Left it all because of his conscience; his brother was in Afghanistan serving as a US Army Ranger and he couldn't bear the thought he was playing a game while his brother was playing The Game. This guy could have done anything he wanted to. The timing is bizarre. The NFL Draft is tomorrow. Hwo will the NFL react;will they do their usual strained attempt at empathy? How will the draftees and their agents react? Eli Manning and his whole crew is moaning about being picked by San Diego. Come on! Get some perspective on how lucky you are to be picked number one...and how lucky you are to be paid to play a game for money...and how lucky you are to be alive. Mr. Tillman has set an incredibly high standard for doing the right thing in the NFL. No half time show necessary to point this out.

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