Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Logically running toward a ridiculous Conclusion
A posting @ Futurepundit ties in well with this previous weekend's NFL draft, also known as "Bringin' back the good ol' days of The Trading Block". I'll leave the slave/master issue to other (more) eruditically inclined. The age issue of the draft is what I'm after. Quoting from the posting noted, the following question is posed.
Are human beings born pure, as Rousseau argued, and tainted by the world around them? Or do babies arrive bad, as St. Augustine wrote, and learn, for their own good, how to behave in society?
Mr. Eric Anderssen & Ms. Anne McIlroy, writing in the Toronto Globe & Mail, summarized research conducted by one Dr. Richard Tremblay @ Universite de Montreal who was seeking one possible answer. Short conclusive answer? Dr. Tremblay has demonstrated that the "ability to feel rage exists the moment human beings take their first breaths....(by the) second year, aggressive behaviour peaks in temper tantrums and (the child) will commit one act of physical aggression for every four social interactions. (Hmmm, sound like any type of behaviour that is actively encouraged in adults?)
By their third birthdays, children have the motor skills to perform any of the acts of aggression an adult can. But (emphasis added) at just that age, aggression begins to drop.
From a logical & practical sense, this means your typical college football draftee is....a pansy.
An idea.
Start a league with age limitations of 2 through 4.
No signing bonuses will be necessary; just 2 years' supply of cereal (sugar packed, of course) and clothing.
No coaches are necessary.
Simplify the rules.
Maybe extra padding in the helmet.
And keep the Moms away...this is a Dad thing. Bonding, mentoring..whatever you want to mis-label it as. If this works out, hockey can be another sport to investigate.

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