Thursday, April 01, 2004

Election time

Read an article in the NNYT recently about a proposed plan that was on a memo floating around the White House. Somehow, this particular memo floated out an open window and by sheer luck or just meteorological conditions that day, ended up on the floor of a local fast food joint. The reporter of that article, in trying NOT to do two things at once, had started walking and had spat out his gum. He stepped on the gum. He then entered said fast food joint, stepped on the memo, ordered a McMuffin, walked outside to eat his breakfast in the gorgeous morning sunlight, and noticed the paper gummed to his shoe.

Talk about a lucky lead. From mouth to gum to shoe to memo to the NNYT page 17 article.

Rather than copying the whole article over or having you, gentle reader, trudge through the filler of his story, here's the gist.

Dubya will be airborne again. The plan is to whisk him away from one of his ever-occurring Crawford, TX vacations for a few days. He'd be flown directly to an undisclosed location near Basra, Iraq. There, in a two-seater plane, , an A-10 Thunderbolt or "Warthog", President Bush will have a choice of various targets, possibly the "Spider Hole that S. Hussein was caught in, various museums in Baghdad, or an oil pipeline (this target has already been approved by Halliburton, as the pipeline is question was operational and thus causing gas pricing "issues"). Videos of the takeoff and the attack will be incorporated into a series of political ads to be run over the summer, probably during the National Democratic Convention. The theme will be something along the lines of "Freedom in America means never having to say I'm Lying."...or.. "Iraq, where I don't need no stinking pilot's license"...or something like that....

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