Tuesday, April 13, 2004

...and a beauty
It's hockey playoff time again, which means every team except the Kenora River Rats and the NY Rangers, are playing for something important. This is even better than the NCAA field of 64! Unless both of one's legs are broken, every player plays. Hockey's not the game for the feint of heart, like, say your typical basketball or baseball player. As famed hockey analyst L.J. Zimmerman said, "It's a quid pro quid" game. One guy does one thing and....another guy wishes he had done the same thing. You slash my stick and break it, as you give me a facewash with your sweaty grimy glove..and I wish I'd done the same thing to you. It's the beauty of a juggernaut on sharpened blades steamrolling down the throat of an opponent's goalie, confined by the wood & plexiglass barriers of the rink. It's speed, strength, guile, and crashing bodies. It's minimal play stoppage and no athletic pansies. It's coaches thinking on the fly and veterans meting out Stanley Cup championship salutations to rookies, by way of a timely hip check. And then there's always a kick save..and a beauty. It's a time of year when men are men and boys are shooting free throws. Go Devils! (although I think it'll be the Ottawa Senators over the Avalanche in 6 games).

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