Wednesday, March 03, 2004

What's the Diff?

The Pond seperates Great Britain from the USA not only physically, but politically and literally as well. They have Prime Minister Blair, a fellow who strings together words and phrases in a most melodious, uplifting, thought out, and demonstrative way. We have President Bush, a guy who sounds great behind the counter of a hardware store (no insult intended to the Hardware Clerks of America). They have Ms. Rowlings, who started off her literary career tending her baby and a cup of joe at a coffee house, while working on Harry Potter's travails. We have Vickie Stringer, a hip-hop "literateur", who took a different route to her success.

An excerpt from Gangsta lit."Stringer, who lives in Columbus, Ohio, began writing her first novel, "Let That Be the Reason," while serving seven years in a federal prison for cocaine trafficking. When you speak to the 30-something entrepreneur now, she peppers her sentences with allusions to her "checkered past" or the time when she was a "wayward person." Her company, Triple Crown, is a daily reminder of where she came from -- it's named after the crew she ran with before her arrest in 1994.


It's not a question of bigger or better. Or at least, I can't go that route, since I haven't read any of Stringer's books..yet. Just a difference due to that damn Atlantic Ocean.

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