Thursday, March 11, 2004

Syncopated Taint
A few inquiries were posted as to the identity of the sunglassed tongue guy at the bottom of this blog.
Is it me?
Firstly, I don't have one of those beatnikish vertical hair things hanging down from my lower lip. The vertic-barbe looks fine; it just wouldn't fit in the classification of casual wear at my place of employment.

Secondly, it just wouldn't be polite of me to be doing that tongue thing at you, gentle reader.

Skerik !!!

That's the guy on the scroll-to-the-very-bottom of this blog. He's this blog's agent of fat tonguing. Forget the tongue-in-cheek routine. The blog's intent was flat bore out opinion, with occasional facts thrown in as a garnish effect. So, Skerik's photo fits the intent. If the tongue offends, it was not offense intended. He's a musician; is any other behaviour acceptable?

Who is this guy?

Skerik is a sax player that kept on showing up on different cd's of musicians/groups that I've been listening to. He hails from the Northwest US of A and has tended to stay in that area, as far as performance and daily living goes. "Nalgas sin Carne" is different. Just a bit. Did his mother bestow the singular name "Skerik" on him? Did his friends give him the nickname "Nalgas sin Carne" (Meatless buttocks)? When queried, Skerik remained mum or changed the topic. Sorry, no answers here.

So, I'll just list my wavy path of personal discovery to Skerik.

Iguanas"Plastic Silver 9 Volt Heart"
Galactic "We love 'em Tonight
Stanton Moore "Flyin the Koop"
Stanton Moore "All Kooked Out!"
Leon Parker Belief
Charlie Hunter "Duo"
Charlie Hunter "Notes from the Analog Playground"
Garage a Trois "Emphasizer"
Skerik "Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet"

An enjoyable, winding, and interesting musical journey.
Syncopated Taint ?
From Earshot Jazz Monthly, “I was on tour with Les Claypool,” recalls one-named saxophonist Skerik, via telephone from a concert stop in New York City,“ and I came across this book called The Birth of Heroin and the Demonization of the Drug Addict. It’s a great book. This is a book that is truthful about how heroin was introduced in the U.S. Here was (Henry J.) Anslinger (the Commissioner of the U.S. Bureau of Narcotics in the 1940's) calling jazz musicians the syncopated taint. ‘I want to rid this country of this syncopated taint.’ He hated jazz music, and wanted all jazz musicians put in jail. Since all my heroes are jazz musicians, I thought ‘syncopated taint’ would be a great name for a band.”

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