Thursday, March 04, 2004

Color me...Dirty

From McSweeney's:

Hexadecimal Color Codes in HTML That Look Or Sound Dirty, But Are In Fact Merely Colorful


- - - -












F0CF0C "

Now your blog background can be the "00's" version of the "70's" mood rings. Depending on your particular state of mind at the time of blogging, change your color. {"00's"?? Is this what the 2000-2009 decade is shortened to? Not sure. If the 1980-1989 are the '80's and the 1990-1999 are the 90's, then...Actually, going Brit, I'd prefer the 2000-2009 decade to be just called the "Double Naughts" thus giving "Double Zeroes" more mystery.} I love the fact that all colors can be stated in a numerical manner.

As soon as we can start putting emotions into some sequence of numbers, whatever number base system we have to use, the world will be a much better place. I'm sure that the bases used will depend on the gender. Am I being un-PC by stating males would probably feel most comfortable in a binary or, stretching it a bit for the intellectual types, a base 5 system? Women? Base 24 seems to be a good starting place, arbitrarily chosen as it's 2 times the # of months. As age creeps up, the number base would increase, until, once again arbitrarily, say base 60. Now (pull up your pad and pen here, you may need to be doing some diagramming), combining the number bases for emotional state and the hexadecimal color sequence mentioned above in McSweeney's, you can come up with a color co-ordinated mood indicator that would especially be helpful for the X chromosome challenged population half. We would then know what women are feeling; we comprehend better using colors, you know. And for the color clueless male? Well, there should always be Emotional Braille available. The touch of human kindness.

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