Monday, March 08, 2004


Mark your calendars. THE DAY is coming upon us all. Ghosts shall be banished. The site of Philly's only championship in 24 years will be sent to the powdered cementary in the sky. We will be wiping off tears, even as we are brushing off debris.


March 21st

Current Religious days observed on that day include:
Norooz (Zoroasterianism's "New Day")
Naw Ruz (Baha'i New Year)
Feast day of St. Nicholas of Flue, Switzerland's Patron Saint (Married. Had 10 kids. Embraced the life of a hermit the laast 19 years of his life, surviving only on a daily meal of the Holy Eucharist.....sounds like an early section 700 Iggles fan to me)
Feast day of St. Enda, founder of monasticism in Ireland (another miserable Phiily fan)
Bikrami Samvat, Hinduism's New Year 2061

....and added to that list @

7:00 am.

DIEI CENA FIRMUS (lat. Meal of Dirt Day)...or Implosion of The Vet, 2004

A Philly landmark or eyesore, depending on your rate of attendance, will no longer be with us, come this late March date. South Philly will be covered with a fine concrete gray coating shortly after the first Sunday church services begin. For some, this will be their church services, as it is the site where they have prayed for, begged for, and, usually, been denied of a miracle. God has been called forth, many a day, to smoth the enemy where they lie. On occasion He spoke to us, through the voice of Harry Kalas, to let us know He was allowing one baseball to be sent "Outta Theeerrrrre". But most times, we heard ..."and the Fighting Phils lose another close one to.....(name your team here)".
Da Iggles? Don't even want to go there; it's a memory lane down past Hell's gates....

I'm sure there'll be a couple of Mummer Marching Bands in attendance, although 7:00 in the morning, especially Sunday morning, may be assuming too much. Eucharists of Hoagies and Cheese Steaks will be in abundance; no confession needed to partake of these sinful items. Mayor Street will be praising the benefits of living in Philly..."Look, free explosions on Sunday." Packs of personal injury lawyers will be slinking about, looking for any dust motes grazing a potential client's skin. And some historical preservation society, which protested the building of the Vet will be there to cry out in anguish at its demise. Yep, a full day in Philly. Hopefully it'll rain, because there's nothing like a downpour to add gasoline to fuel the fires of mis-remembered memories of good times never had.

Rocky salutes the Vet, one last tme

Delaware fan, in de rigeur attire, attends a Vet event

Will Veteran's Stadium disappear into dust as elegantly as the other Pennsy stadium, Three Rivers? Or will it go down fighting, or not go down at all, due to another union related "negotiation roadblock". Will criminal evidence come up to the surface as the stadium turns to dust? And what about that car that's been parked in the Vet lot for years? Will they tow it away or let its fate be tied to the concrete arena's? May they be buried together.

Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Stadium bites the proverbial dust

Will the Vet collapse on itself from the sheer weight of
1) Philly's unfulfilled dreams
2) Unprocessed waste water
3) Buddy Ryan's blather
4) NFC championships lost
5) Unprocessed Cheese steak grease
6) Iglles' & Phillies' fans curses
7) Snowballs thrown at Santa...
or will it truly take explosives to take down the structure that Phiily's fans loved to moan about?

The only way to know is to attend the burial services @ Broad Street. Proper Team Attire and Hoagie is required. The Reverend Reggie White will be administering the services.

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