Monday, March 15, 2004

Abort the cookie mission!

One of the most memorable foodie treats I had in college was the time-sensitive munching of
fiddlehead ferns
There was a small window of opportunity, from April through May in Quebec, that they were available. As students, we'd save our dollars during the Winter, so that we could go to one of the better restaurants in the city, in Spring, to eat the fiddleheads. As cooks, we were disastrous and would not even have attempted to do the haute cuisine with these expensive prehistoric looking things. There was nothing else that measured in matching one's expectations with one's rewards, at least as far as eating was concerned.

The student days of longing for ferns are now replaced by longing for Samoas, Tagalongs or Thin Patty Mints. Like the fiddleheads, Girl Scout cookies appear only once a year, for a month or so. You save up your coffee money and then scour the office or plant for parents of Girl Scouts, making sure you're on their "list". It's $3/box now (and sometimes more, if you want that 5th box of Samoas). Buying and eating the cookies seemed like a pleasure even the South Beach Diet folks would wink & nod at.

At Baylor University, where They shoot basketball players, don't they?, there's a movement in the works to put a stop to such culinary treats. What is it about Baylor? Is there something in the water? Is the cable tv REALLY that bad? Does the sun strike its residents at such a peculiar angle that it penetrates the skull and crisp fries the sensiblity nodes? Who actually admits to:
1) Going there?
2) Sending there kids there?
3) Teaching there?

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