Wednesday, February 04, 2004

So some more Demo primaries are over and Dean's wagon has lost its wheels. Just waiting for the pyre to be lit and the shouting to commence. Well, at least there's practice with that activity. Now comes the interesting primaries where a potential VP candidate will rise to join Kerry in his crusade toward D.C. My bet's on Mr. Edwards. Kerry can't even pronounce grits; how else will the Demos win anything south of Maryland.
Delaware results: 50% Kerry. And all it took was one short Friday visit to the I-95 toll state. Well done, sir..though my vote was not in that 50% majority.
Suggestion for Demo platform. Forget W. Don't even mention his name. Ignore him like the youngest sibling at a family gathering; his opinion doesn't matter...since it isn't really his opinion. Go with the Bogeyman platform. No, not Hussein. Not even bin Landen. The most feared Bogeyman. That guy in YOUR closet every night scaring the holy _ _ _T out of you. Mr. C. The cavedweller. The puppetmaster. That's the only way to get the Repubs on their hind legs. Make Dick Cheney your poster child of doom. won't happen. The Demos will come up with some mish-mash of vanilla proclamations guaranteed to etherize those middle-of-the-road voters. It'll be the Bland v the Boob. You know which one will at least (temporarily) hold people's interest. Perhaps ripping of the garments at the Demo Convention offers a saving gesture.

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