Thursday, February 26, 2004

Outsourcing is just another way to say, "Yo! I'm in Export/Import"

Just a couple of articles to get through today. The first is from a regular three times a week gig by Steve Lopez @ L.A. Times. Before he went off to the Land of the Lotus Eaters, Mr. Lopez was a multi-award decorated scribe at the Philly Inquirer....back in the good old days when it spent pages describing the Pulitzer awards it was winning rather than the pages of errata notices it prints nowadays. Aside from piling up awards of his own, Mr. Lopez was an absolute hoot. His column was the first part of the paper you went to, to prime your day's pump for maximum exhiliration. His articles on Attorney General Ed Rendell(now PA Governor Ed Rendell) were hilarious. "Fast Eddie", as Mr. Lopez called him, was already a character as the Atty Genl; 15 years ago Mr. Lopez was already toting him as future mayor, or even governor. How prescient,he was. Some of his articles were compiled into Land of Giants. No, fuggetaboutit, you can't borrow my dog-eared copy.

Mr. Lopez then took a long sabbatical, to write some books (one of which, "The Sunday Macaroni Club", he received some "advice" from Philly's various "familias" about "The Family" doings and the secrets of Italian gravy (the first secret being not to call it Italian sauce)). Unfortunately, after the books were written, he opted not to return to the Inquirer. Philly's big loss! Here's a recent article from the West Coast,Bush will lose! Oh. Wait. I forgot he's running against the Democrats

And speaking of the Philly Inq, here's a short piece on the cost of spelling. The lesson? Keep that Webster's close at hand and audit that Word spellchecker.
From Philly Inquirer, Thursday February 26,2004
On a typo tirade, judge holds lawyer to letters of law

By Michael Klein
Inquirer Columnist

"Poor spelling can cost you, as we see in the civil-rights case of Devore v. City of Philadelphia.

Bucks County lawyer Brian Puricelli helped get a $354,167 award for his client, ex-Philly Police Officer John Devore, who had sued the department.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Jacob P. Hart ruled Friday that the Newtown Township lawyer could receive $300 an hour for his courtroom work, but only $150 for his writing, which the judge and defense counsel found replete with typos. Hart wrote in his opinion that Puricelli's pleadings were "careless, to the point of disrespectful."

Hart cited Puricelli's repeated identification of the "United States District Court for the Easter District of Pennsylvania." "Considering the religious persuasion of the presiding officer," Hart wrote, "the 'Passover' District would have been more appropriate."

What also may have set off Hart was Puricelli's letter, addressing the judge as "Jacon" Hart. "I appreciate the elevation to what sounds like a character in The Lord of the Rings," Hart wrote, "but, alas, I am but a judge."

By e-mail, Puricelli commented: "No insult was intended by the written work and we all made such errors. I was pleased that Judge Hart balanced his remarks with a glowing comment on my in-court trial work and abilities. As a litigator this is important."

Only Comment: Does Judge Hart have a blog site?

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