Monday, February 23, 2004

Here's a review, Nailed, that may save you a few bucks, if you're still wondering about going to see "Passion of the Christ". Yeah, I'm back on this topic again. In the review, David Denby tries to tie in the inaccurracies (Mel Gibson may word this as "artistic license") of the New Testament interpretations with the sheer horror and pain depicted in the film. If there seems to be a target audience for this movie it must be the hard to reach "Non-Believing but Considering-Conversion-Options Sadists". I didn't realize this group was large enough to pander to; must be reading the wrong US Census report.
Mr. Denby's review certainly places the film in the "Scenes to Remember" category. If you want an alternate film to view that is in that category, that is much shorter (only 30 minutes), that is based on accurate interpretation, and that is guaranteed to have an immediate and ever-lasting affect on your psyche, may I suggest Night & Fog? Like the "Passion..", it's in a foreign language, in this case French. And like "Passion..", reading the subtitles will not be necessary. There are not any lines that you will be repeating afterwords. And, to quote "This is Spinal Tap", in regards to "Night and Fog", "...there is none blacker (a film)."

In perusing some other newspaper articles regarding "Passion...", it was noted that there will be souvenirs sold for the movie. One of the gems available will be a "24" Pewter Nail pendant" on a leather necklace, featuring Isaish 53:5 inscribed on the side. This tidbit triggered a memory of a comedy routine by the late (and VERY great) Bill Hicks. Mr Hicks , was considered a comedian's comedian because his comedy was way too dark for general public consumption and his routines tended to make some people uneasy, very uneasy. In one jag, he discussed the whole thing about religious ware, specifically crosses on chains. To paraphrase the bit:
"Now, let me get this straight, when Jesus comes back to Earth, He'll be real happy about seeing folks wearing the cross around their necks. Sort of like reminders to Him of His more "pleasant" days here on Earth with the natives. That's like a person having a rifle pendant and sidling up to Jackie O (when she was still alive, obviously) and telling her.."Just thinking of John, man...just thinking of John." "
I truly resolve that THIS will be my last shizzy on "Passion...". Please pray for me on this one.

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