Saturday, February 28, 2004

"Da Big Wuss"

O.K. I'm a wuss. With all of the horrifying reviews published and then this ..I saw "Passion.." riveting item all glomming together to form the new movie "The EXTREME Punishment of the Christ" in my head, I was trying to send my head elsewhere. So, I reflected on where I am living.

Delaware is a dinky state. The city of Anchorage is larger (in the square mileage sense) than the whole state. Yet, somehow, this small state legally kills more people in relation to its own population than any other state. Even the electricity happy folks down in Texas take a back seat (not chair, please note) to "The First State". So, if I have no desire to attend a free public execution here (o.k., I haven't been asked yet, but I would be answering in the negative if asked), why would I want to shell out money for such a inhumane act of gore? Besides which, as pointed out earlier....I'm a wuss.

To counter the current must-see movie, I'm off to the City of Brotherly Love to take in "Touching the Void" and "Les Invasions Barbares" (The Barbarian Invasions). Both movies are about loss, near-loss, and pseudo-salavation. The closest thing to nails in either film is the titanium ice screws in "Touching...".

The "Barbarian.. is directed by Denys Arcand, whose previous films included the hilarious "Decline of the American Empire" (which is the precursor to "The Barbarian Invasions") and also "Jesus of Montreal". So, through 2 degrees of seperation, I guess I'm seeing a movie about Christ. Thank God it's not "The Passion..

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