Sunday, February 29, 2004

Bring me the head of...

Well, the Presidential race is now officially in gear. Revving up all of the military resources at his control, Da Prez (actually his Been-Thinking-About-It Tank) has opted to start campaigning outside the good ol' U S of A. Sort of a rural campaign. Sort of a meet and shoot the people campaign. Sort of like in...Pakistan, well, no Afghanistan, no..sorry, I was right, Pakistan.

What better way to cut the Demos off at the knees than to bring in that vile creature Osama. Is he evil, demented, cruel, unusual, and quite punguent due to poor bathing conditions? That's probably a strong "Yay" to all of those q's. Is he the perfect running mate for the Republican Presidential campaign? That's probably also a big check next to that q.

Hard to admit this, but this move is absolutely brilliant. Out of the blue (seemingly), start chasing (again) this villain down!

Don't wait to begin the search until the Republican convention or the actual election; that's leaving too much to chance. And who knows, even with our techno vigor, we just may not catch this wily character. If we don't catch him, this search will be long forgotten by the American public as we'll be bombarded with trite ads of other accomplishments.

If they do catch him, hopefully alive, guess who'll be on the campaign trail with Dubya? That's right "Bush & bin" coming to your little town to kiss the babies and to press the flesh. I'm sure their whistle stop in NYC will especially be memorable. The well-spoken metropolitans will surely inform Osama of their opinions of his previous campaign in that fair city. Summer re-runs won't be able to match this possible event.

But, just in case he slipped through the cracks, help out the Pub's! If you see this guy(keep in mind, he may be in disguise), give Mr. Rove a call. The country and the Prez will be most appreciative.

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