Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fusion Jazz

I'm a sucker for what tend to be (mis)named "Little Pictures" . They may not have a grand overall view of Life or Love, but they do fine by me. They are a child's sand pail thrown into the ocean that washes up again and again back on the beach, with little shells or grains of sand as grist for one's current milling thoughts. Among the many little pails, some that have washed up include this film, this one, another one, also this, and this one as well. The latter, Seducing Doctor Lewis,aside from providing some gorgeous scenery, offers some morsels of choice dialogue on occassion. Without going deeply into the plot, a small village bends over backwards to lure and then to keep a metrosexual doctor interested in staying on the tiny island the village is located. How far will they go in Seducing Doctor Lewis? Why, one of the villagers, a " skittish fellow named Steve (Bruno Blanchet), must pretend to share the doctor's passion for unlistenable jazz fusion played at high volume."

My spouse, in a display of love, devotion, and patience will be doing just some such pretending on our upcoming trip. Oscar caliber pretending, I'd say. I'll try to throw in some non-Fusion Jazz along the way to keep her from jumping out the car door as we wind ourselves up, down, and through the mountains of western Pennsylvania.

Unlistenable jazz fusion.

Redundant, that.
But true. My thoughts on Fuison JAzz are similar to those on Rock Opera (yes, "Tommmy" too).

Perfectly fine set of notes ruined.
Yeah, sorry.

As much as I LOVE The Who, I also don't really love Tommy.
...and the best version of Fusion Jazz ever?!! Yes, the set Spinal Tap played when they were the undercard of the puppets.

Talking about The Who, have you listened to their new album which has rec'd rave reviews? Although, I understand there is a bit of a rock opera lurking in that album as well.
Come on Pete! Quit trying to save/change the world! Just play your guitar.
I have seen the new album advertised but ... I'm scared. What if it sucks? I'll diiiiiiiiiiiiie.

Spinal Tap ... Rawk! Heh.

I recently watched an episode of some great albums series on VH1 Classic, and watching Pete Townsend and Roger Daltry geek out was fantastic.
I'm ambivalent toward "fusion", but rock opera is something I've always had a soft spot in my heart (or head?) for. Just this afternoon, eating a slice of pizza with my older daughter, the radio was playing Alice Cooper's "School's Out", and I realized that this man couldn't do a single song that didn't sound like it was meant to be in an opera set to 4/4 time - and I loved it, cheesy guitar filler and all.

So, no: I don't think The Who (what's left of 'em) can do much wrong with this latest release.

Hm. Now I'm thinking that should have been the album title: Who's Left
Alice Cooper!??
WP, I am (again) impressed. Alice has been written off by many who miss the humor and the solid musicianship becasue they get caught up in the externals of A.C.'s act. It's a shame; Alice Cooper is a guilty pleasure without being a sin. As a live performance, Alice Cooper still rates (for me) as in the top 10 live acts I've seen.

As re. the new Who album. WIll you be taking the dip and then a short review?
A short review might be just the format for me, given how longer meditations seem to be increasingly difficult to muster (nevermind master) of late. But first I've got to get the CD...
For kickarse jazz rock aka jazz fusion NOT kennygeelimplipped drivel please tune into:
Fusion that does not suck Radio show

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