Thursday, October 06, 2005

Greetings from Slough

A visitor commented on It's Slough Time:

I live in Slough. Well, it gets worse actually, as I also work in Slough, in an office just outside the Slough Trading Estate (the biggest business park in Europe - doubtless why The Office was based there).

My daily trek from one side of Slough, 2 junctions down the M4 motorway to the office on the other side of Slough is the highlight of my day. I should like to point out however that I do not work in the paper distribution trade. Nor is my name Tim, Gareth or even Dawn.

My boss likes to think of himself as more of a chilled out entertainer than a boss, and will gladly offer me the benefit of his wisdom, regardless of need.

I'm pleased to have found your blog and plan to review it more thoroughly, to see what life there is outside Slough - what a concept!

We here in the blogosphere welcome you Randall of Slough (not sure if you've been knighted yet, so I opted out on "Sir"ing you) and hope for future visits. I will certainly be making my way your way to see what's brewing in Slough.

FCB suggested I catch up with my Slough reading by diving into "Slough", a poem by a Mr. John Betjeman.
The poem starts off with a bang, always the best way, I think, for verse to catch your attention.

"Come friendly bombs and rain on Slough,
It isn't fit for people now..."

Wow, such prominent placement of my humble comments. No wonder my newly born blog is attracting traffic already. If only I had some content worth reading.. Ok, I'll get to work on that.

I'm impressed and slightly embarrassed that the Slough-ness of my domicile should attract such attention. Perhaps David Brent *has* achieved something of note in his horizon-limited life.

Betjeman, don't talk to me about Betjeman. What does he know? I've never seen him down at the Brunel Bus Station struggling with his shopping on a Monday afternoon. I think one of the themes of my blog may become the re-marketing of Slough.

Perhaps with some well placed PR we can get Slough on the tourist map?
I was recently in Maidenhead which is quite near Slough. The people I was visiting complained of no family butcher's shop or greengrocer left since everything is supermarket and mega mall now. A dormitory town for London with no personality of its own remaining.
Rather sad.
Is this also Milton's "slough of despond"? I'd always hoped that this stuff was to be taken, you know, symbolically.
The Slough of Despond is surely the property of John Bunyan.
Stehenesque is correct, as usual. My memory has lapsed, and will be taken to task.
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